Start-up Companies
DepartmentName of AcademicsCompany nameYear of Establishment
BIOL Dr Patrick Yue (Director) R&P Technology Limited 2014
BIOL Prof Ken Yung (Director) OPER Technology Limited 2014
BIOL Prof Ken Yung (Director) CD133 Innovation Limited 2019
CHEM Dr Lung Hong Lok (CEO)
Prof Gary Wong (Director)
BP InnoMed Limited 2018
CHEM Prof Gary Wong (Founder) New Life Medicine Technology Company Limited 2017
CHEM Prof Man Shing Ricky Wong (Director)
Dr Li Hung Wing (Director)
MIND and Tech Limited 2019
COMP Mr Cheung Sai Ho (Alumnus) (CEO)
Prof Ng Kee Yin, Joseph (Advisory)
Prof Ling Ho Wan, Howard (Advisory)
COMP Mr Zhiqi Pan (Alumnus) (Vice President of Software Engineering) Smilie Technology Limited 2018
PHYS Prof K W Cheah (Director & CEO) Cathay Photonics Limited 2014
PHYS Prof Jeffrey Cheung (Director) Booguu Company Limited 2016
PHYS Prof N H Cheung (Advisor) ANA Artwork Material Analysis Company Limited 2014
PHYS Dr Huang Zhi Feng (Director) Mat-A-Cell Limited 2017
PHYS Prof Zhu Fu Rong (Director) Crimson Vision Technology Limited 2019

As at 25 March 2021