Institute of Advanced Materials

Director: Professor Cheah Kok Wai
Associate Director: Professor Zhu Furong
Associate Director: Professor Ricky MS Wong

The Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM) is a research institute with focus on researching in optical and electrical properties of advanced materials. These materials would have potential applications in optoelectronics, biomedical and environmental areas. The research consists of both fundamental works in synthesizing new materials and seeking in-depth understanding on their optical and electrical properties that allow us to fabricate new devices. With the fabrication of devices not only the fundamental device physics can be investigated but also their potential applications can be explored. The institute comprises of two parts:

Presently our main research focuses on organic electronics, new materials, devices and applications. This includes i) organic LEDs, ii) organic photovoltaics for solar cells and photodetectors, iii) organic thin film transistors; iv) LED phosphors for solid state lighting application, v) nano-materials (e.g. nano-wires and nano-pillars) and vi) photonic materials and devices.