Press Release

HKBU Science Festival 2022 enables 170 secondary school students to experience fun in science


The Science Festival, the annual flagship community programme organised by the Faculty of Science, was conducted on the HKBU campus on 2 August 2022.


To nurture students' interest and curiosity in science and technology, an array of activities has been organised, including a talk introducing ‘How Mathematicians Think Using Origami Examples’ and guided tours to Sustainability Gallery (S Gallery).  In addition, students gained hands-on experience at various workshops in designing a mobile app, building an artificial intelligence chatting robot, identifying an illicit drug via narcotic drug smell (mimics) and thin layer chromatography, making their own lipstick and skin care essence, and constructing a robotic insect using simple light sensors and motors. 


Under the pandemic, around 170 secondary school teachers and students participated in this meaningful education event.



Please click here for more photos of the event.