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Science lecture series features prominent international scholars


Professor Alexander Wai, President and Vice-Chancellor (4th from right), Professor Ng Ching-fai, President Emeritus (4th from left), Professor Rick Wong, Interim Provost (3rd from right), Professor Liu Jiming, Dean of Science (3rd from left), and members of the University attend the lecture conducted by Professor Vivian Yam Wing-wah (middle) in June 2022.

HKBU representatives take a photo with Professor Steven Chu (on screen) at the lecture held in December 2021.

Professor Milind Tambe (middle, upper row) conducts an online lecture on how artificial intelligence influences public health in May 2021.

Renowned mathematician Professor Shu Chiwang conducts an online lecture in March 2021.


To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Faculty of Science hosted a Distinguished Lecture Series featuring 28 lectures between February 2021 and June 2022. The lectures were given by prominent international scholars, and they facilitated intellectual exchange between the HKBU community and the leading scholars in a diverse range of science disciplines.


Some lectures were conducted online amid the pandemic. The speakers, who are top-notch scientists in their respective fields, came from renowned academic bodies from different parts of the world, and they included Professor Shu Chiwang from Brown University, Professor Milind Tambe from Harvard University, Professor Steven Chu from Stanford University, Professor Rao Zihe from Tsinghua University, and Professor Vivian Yam Wing-wah from The University of Hong Kong.


The lectures covered a wide range of scientific topics related to environmental science, sustainable development, energy, artificial intelligence and machine learning. They examined how scientific research and development has had an impact on our livelihoods and the environment. The lecture series attracted more than 2,600 teachers, students and alumni.


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[Source: HKBU Campus Digest]