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A Sharing by Alumna Karen Wang on Establishing Climate Technology Startup


Alumna Karen Wang, Founding Member of Carbonbase

Alumna Karen Wang Hanyuan (Statistics & Operations Research) is one of the HKBU Class Representatives in 2017-2018. Upon graduation, she worked at Microsoft, during which she was inspired to help preserve the environment through the application of technology. In 2020, she joined hands with her acquaintances to establish Carbonbase, which has by now grown to a 25-people team across different countries with the backing of notable investors such as MiraclePlus ( former Y Combinator China ), ChinaRock, etc. Carbonbase is one of the first climate technology startups in Hong Kong that applies emerging technologies to drive climate sustainability. The company has built a fintech platform to help its clients run a sustainable business through, among others, incorporating strategies that will help reduce carbon emissions. The company provides clients with climate change solutions that can deliver economic benefits while improving our lives and protecting the environment. These solutions are backed up by detailed data analysis and blockchain-backed tools to achieve effective management of carbon footprint while conducting business.


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[Source: The Buddy Post]