Press Release

Road to Entrepreneurship, Key to Social Impact - HKBU Alumnus Mr Sunny CHEUNG Sai-ho


Mr Sunny Cheung Sai-ho, CEO and Founder of CP2JOY IT CO. LIMITED

When the user sees the desired letter rotating to a specific position, they only need to make the basic vowels, i.e. [a],[e],[i],[o],[u], to control mouse clicks and the letter will be automatically inputted. (Details:

(Left to Right) CP2Joy Team: Mr Andy Wo, Prof Joseph Ng, Mr Sunny Cheung, Sunny’s father and Mr Howard Ling

Are great ideas alone enough to be turned into great businesses? Things are not that easy and straightforward in the real world. Our HKBU alumnus, Mr Sunny Cheung Sai-ho shared with us that “Research & development as well as marketing & sales are equally essential to the growth of a business.” With tremendous effort to build up these important elements, he founded an IT company, CP2JOY IT CO. LIMITED, in 2019 to commercialise his innovative technology. “CP” is the initial of Cerebral Palsy and “Joy” stands for joystick.

CP2Joy is the first human-computer interface software in Hong Kong. Replacing traditional keyboard and mouse, it enables severely disabled people, for example, those who suffer from stroke and quadriplegia, to use computers freely on their own. CP2Joy aims to reduce digital divide and empowers those who are physically challenged to explore the cyber world with greater convenience by improving the efficiency and accuracy of the input method. Despite physical limitations, users could give voice commands which represent mouse actions such as clicks, drags and drops, keystrokes to the computer by uttering five basic vowels, i.e. [a],[e],[i],[o],[u] using the CP2Joy software. This system can also be used to control most modern wheelchair movement to and from school and work.

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