Press Release

Fintech team wins Silver Award at BOCHK Hackathon


The AI Phoenix team receives the Silver Award at the BOCHK Hackathon 2019.

AI Phoenix, a team representing the startup A.I. Phoenix Technology Company Limited whose core members are students and alumni from HKBU’s Department of Computer Science and Department of Mathematics, won the Silver Award at the BOCHK Hackathon 2019. The award is a recognition of their innovative Fintech solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Over 90 teams participated in the competition organised by the Bank of China (Hong Kong). The team proposed an application based on federated learning, an AI technique which enabled them to standardise and combine the models of collaborative organisations and banks. 

Team member Lyu Jia-you, an HKBU computer science student, said that since the integrated model incorporates non-financial data, it can eliminate customers’ privacy concerns when data is transmitted among companies. The proposal can also help banks provide more precise recommendations for customers.

Xu Zhou-ming, the team leader and a mathematics alumnus, hopes the award will encourage more HKBU talents to join the new generation of AI and Fintech innovators in Hong Kong.