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A Research Team Advances Clinical Data-driven Transmission Model for COVID-19 Pandemic


Following the announcement on March 12, 2020 regarding the COVID-19 Transmission Model Driven by Pre-symptomatic Carriers, the team of researchers led by Professor Lei-Han Tang from the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Beijing Computational Science Research Center has advanced the model to quantify the infected population and assess the impact of different intervention measures. The advancement comes at a critical time as the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly spreads worldwide 1,2. Their work, announced at, enables direct integration of clinical findings on the current disease transmission characteristics for forecasting epidemic development at regional and national levels. Various intervention scenarios can then be simulated for swift government action.

The full report of research work on the COVID-19 epidemic progression pattern is listed below:

English version (28 Mar 2020)

Chinese version (28 Mar 2020)

English version (12 Mar 2020)

Chinese version (12 Mar 2020)

--> Click here to read the manuscript posted at arXiv

Zoom talk delivered by Prof Tang Leihan:
Zoom talk delivered by Prof Tang Leihan