Press Release

Computer Science student starts spring Semester at Sea voyage


James See embarks on the spring Semester at Sea voyage.

James See, a Year 4 Computer Science student, has been awarded the CY Tung Scholarship, enabling him to join other university students from around the globe on the Semester at Sea programme’s "floating campus" during its 106-day spring voyage.

James is the sole student from Hong Kong to receive the CY Tung Scholarship in this voyage, and he is also one of only seven winners from around the world to be awarded the scholarship on this trip. The ship, which offers students a multi-country study abroad programme, will sail through North America, Asia, Africa and Europe, visiting 13 cities in 11 countries along the way. The voyage began on 4 January and will end on 20 April 2020.

James was delighted to receive the scholarship. He said: "With such generous financial support, I have the opportunity to explore the world, especially developing countries such as India, Ghana and South Africa. I am most interested in studying comparative cultures and health conditions around the world during the programme. It will definitely broaden my horizons and widen my perspective from a local to a global level."