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HKBU team wins award at Innovator Tribank FinTech Challenge


The HKBU team win the third prize at the Innovator Tribank FinTech Challenge

The HKBU team, entitled AI Phoenix, included team leader and mathematics alumnus Xu Zhouming; computer science students Lyu Jiayou, Zeng Xuan, Wang Shihao and Xu Chen, as well as mathematics alumna Xu Fangfei. 

The HKBU team proposed the application of artificial intelligence to customer relationship management in the banking industry. The team enhanced the architecture of AI engines, making financial market data analysis more effective, on top to the current image processing and speech recognition applications. The enhancements are intended to raise the retail banks’ competitiveness through more effective analysis of customer attributes. 

Team leader Xu Zhouming said a bank on the Mainland will explore a more in-depth collaboration with AI Phoenix Technology Company Limited, the start-up established by the team. 

The competition was organised by the Shanghai Commercial Bank, the Bank of Shanghai and the Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank in Taiwan.