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Honorary doctorate recipient Professor Roy Glauber shares his achievement and vision


Professor Glauber reviews the development of quantum mechanics

The University held a "Brilliance of Civilization" public lecture this week at which Professor Roy Glauber, who received the honorary degree of Doctor of Science, was invited to speak on Tuesday (20 November) with the topic "200 years of light waves, 100 years of light quanta" .

Professor Glauber's lecture was attended by around 150 guests, scholars, University staff and students, and secondary school students. In his lecture, he briefed the audience on the significant impact on the current development of quantum optics of several renowned scholars and their theories in quantum mechanics since 1802. Professor Glauber also used the example of how radio signal-detecting devices had been made much smaller over the years to explain that it would take many ideas, exercises, stages of development, and even generations of inventions to make research and theory come together gracefully.