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Young organic farmers showcase harvests at carnival


Students from 10 primary schools contribute to community greening

Young farmers express their thanks to the officiating guests with their harvests

The Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre of HKBU organised an Organic Harvest Carnival on campus yesterday (5 July). The Carnival is the culmination of the scheme entitled “Amway Organic Farming at Primary Schools in 18 Districts”. A total of 200 principals, teachers, students and parents, who represent 10 participating primary schools, displayed their harvests at the Carnival.


Through the Scheme, the students have come to understand that farming is hard work. Accompanied by the officiating guests and their school principals and teachers, the students expressed their hope for the development of farming in the local community, for a greener Hong Kong, and for the use of abandoned areas for farming, which they believe will infuse the community with vitality.


Speaking at the ceremony, Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor, said that the University has been enthusiastically supporting the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre and that the organic farms developed in different schools have contributed significantly to carbon reduction in the community.


The event not only provided the participants with an opportunity to take part in environmentally-friendly activities and helped them understand science, but also resulted in greater area being allocated to organic farming in their schools so they could farm with their parents. All this will benefit the schools and the students in many ways.


Having made the environment in their schools greener, the young farmers presented their harvests to the officiating guests to express their thanks.


The scheme Amway Organic Farming at Primary Schools in 18 Districts, which started in September 2011, encourages youngsters to carry out organic farming at their schools and with their families. Workshops and activities led by volunteers were held to build a culture of organic farming in the local community.