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HKBU Chemistry scholar wins Distinguished Lectureship Award from The Chemical Society of Japan


Professor Raymond Wong (left) receives the Distinguished Lectureship Award from Professor Yasuhiro Iwasawa, President of the Chemical Society of Japan.

Professor Raymond Wong, Chair Professor of the Department of Chemistry, was presented with the Distinguished Lectureship Award by the Chemical Society of Japan at its 92nd Annual Meeting held in Kanagawa, Japan recently. Professor Wong is the only Hong Kong awardee among the recipients this year.

The award was presented to Professor Wong in recognition of his outstanding work in photo-functional materials chemistry. Expressing his delight at receiving the Award, Professor Wong said, “It is a great honour to have received this international recognition. During the meeting in Japan, I had opportunities to interact with scholars and students, which generated innovative ideas for my future research. Currently, we aim at developing sustainable energy sources and improving the technologies for energy conversions in order to meet the world’s future energy demand while working towards a cleaner environment.”

Professor Wong’s research focuses on the design and synthesis of new molecular functional materials with photo-functional properties and energy functions. He also envisioned that the new materials have the potential to excel in applications for the biomedical and nanotechnology fields.

Professor Wong’s seminal work on metallopolymers and metallophosphors has gained much international recognition. The materials Professor Wong has developed have ample applications as sensor or eye protectors against harmful intense laser beams, as converters for light/electricity signals in organic solar cells and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and as patternable precursors to fabricate nanoscale magnetic data storage devices.

The Distinguished Lectureship Award is presented to eminent young scientists for outstanding research in any aspect of chemistry at the Asian International Symposium of the annual flagship scientific meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan, one of the largest organisations in the Asia-Pacific region for advancing the chemical sciences. The purpose of the symposium is to promote ties between young Asian chemists and to stimulate research collaborations.