Press Release

Fresh vitality to drive multidisciplinary and applied research collaboration at HKBU's Shenzhen Research Centre official opening


Professor Albert Chan (centre), Mr. Wu You (fifth from right), Ms. Qiu Xuan (fifth from left) and other guests officiate at the opening ceremony

The opening of Hong Kong Baptist University's Shenzhen Research Centre (SRC) at the Shenzhen Virtual University Park (SVUP) yesterday (29 February) marks an important advance in the University's innovative research work. Laboratories at the Centre established by the Faculty of Science and the School of Chinese Medicine will pursue their mission of developing innovative research and multidisciplinary collaboration, aiming to develop cutting-edge applied technology and contributing research that will benefit Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the nation as a whole.

Twelve years ago, in response to the establishment of SVUP, HKBU set up an Institute for Research and Continuing Education (IRCE) and became one of the first of 26 institutions to create a base in the Park. In keeping with the Shenzhen Municipal Government's goal of developing into an innovation-based city and to further develop IRCE, HKBU is now extending its research base to Shenzhen. This is also in line with the University's own development plan of innovative research and multidisciplinary collaboration. In July 2011, SRC was established on the foundation of IRCE.

More than 100 guests attended the ceremony. They included Mr. Wu You, deputy head of the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality; Ms. Qiu Xuan, deputy head of Shenzhen's innovation technology commission; and other leading city officials, as well as Fellows of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, representatives from SVUP and senior management and staff from HKBU.

In his speech, Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor, said: "SRC features the competitive disciplines and research strength of the Faculty of Science and the School of Chinese Medicine. The Centre has also aggregated several dozen highly regarded researchers from Hong Kong and the Mainland. They will engage in multidisciplinary research in chemistry, biology and physics as well as Chinese Medicine authentication and research in anti-inflammation and anti-cancer. It is worth mentioning that all the scholars working at SRC are HKBU's finest young scholars, who have demonstrated their research excellence in recent years. They represent a new force in the University's innovative research work.

Professor Chan hopes that through the work at SRC, HKBU will strengthen its collaboration with the Shenzhen Municipal Government, as well as with enterprises, higher education institutions and other research institutions and will also heighten the research strength of the University.

Mr. Wu You, deputy head of the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, endorsed the projects to be launched by HKBU's SRC. He pointed out that the research direction adopted by HKBU matched well with Shenzhen's blueprint for innovative development. Mr Wu said Shenzhen Municipality would give great support to HKBU's innovation research.

Ms. Qiu Xuan, deputy head of Shenzhen's innovation technology commission, said that with the establishment of the HKBU Research Centre in Shenzhen, both parties would benefit from the research projects and entrepreneurial collaboration, thereby achieving joint development of high-tech research.

Professor Rick Wong, Vice-President (Research and Development), is in charge of SRC while Professor Tang Tao, Associate Vice-President and Dean of Science, serves as laboratory director. The scientific research results of SRC will help solve society's long-standing air pollution, life science, medical and energy problems.