12 Aug 2011 (Friday)

March Boedihardjo completes his double degrees at HKBU and will continue his research in Mathematics in the United States

The University admitted nine-year-old March Tian Boedihardjo in 2007, having specially designed a five-year double degree curriculum to enable him to pursue a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Mathematical Science and a Master of Philosophy in Mathematics. After four years of hard work, March has gone through and passed all the academic assessments and completed the requirements for the two degrees. He will depart for Texas A&M University in the United States next week to conduct collaborative research with two Mathematics professors in the capacity of Visiting Scholar.

According to the University's original plan, March was to undertake five years of study. Nevertheless, he started his Master thesis research early and has complied with all the requirements one year ahead of schedule. Upon the approval of the Senate of the University in September, he will receive both degrees in November.

Professor Franklin Luk, Acting President and Vice-Chancellor of HKBU, said: "As a progressive tertiary education institution, we believe that the development of a student is always the top priority. The University should allow the use of different and flexible approaches to nurture and inspire a student."

Professor Luk said that Whole Person Education is the ethos of the University. During his four years at HKBU, March had to, as his classmates did, take courses in Languages, Physical Education, Values and Meaning of Life, Information Technology and University Life.

March said: "I had a fruitful and happy university life at HKBU. My teachers and classmates took good care of me and I learned a lot as well. Although I encountered many difficulties and challenges in my studies and research, I believed that with perseverance, the problems would ultimately be solved."

"I would like to thank my teachers and classmates for their support and assistance, especially my academic mentor Professor Hermann Brunner for his patient guidance. He has been of great help to me, both in Mathematics and my personal growth."

The University is pleased with March's remarkable performance, especially in Mathematics. Professor Luk expressed his gratitude to all colleagues who assisted in March's development, particularly his academic mentor Professor Hermann Brunner. He also thanked March's family for their trust and support. On behalf of the University, Professor Luk extended his best wishes to March and hoped he would apply his knowledge for the betterment of the world in the future.

To further enrich his knowledge of "Functional Analysis" and to broaden his horizons, March will depart for the United States next week. March said he was grateful to HKBU for giving him the opportunity to pursue studies and research in his favourite subject. He would continue to work hard and he hopes to contribute to the world with his advancements in research.