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HKBU hosts forum to look at risks and opportunities for local recycling industry


ARCPE’s forum gathers experts and industry practitioners together to discuss how to improve the local recycling industry.

The HKBU Sino-Forest Applied Research Centre for Pearl River Delta Environment (ARCPE) hosted a Recyclers’ Forum on 19 December for local and overseas experts to share their recycling experience and views on the Mainland policy.

ARCPE also recently conducted a survey on the impact of tightening import standards of the Mainland on the local recycling industry in the last year. Professor Jonathan Wong, Director of ARCPE, highlighted that there is a crisis in the recycling chain due to the closure of some small recyclers, but that the increased volume of plastic recycling in last year indicates new opportunities which have been facilitated by the handling of imported recyclable plastics.

Professor Wong also suggested that the government should restructure the recycling network, provide the recyclers with land and subsidies, develop local waste paper treatment facilities, and establish more stringent monitoring programmes for imported recyclable waste.