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HKBU artificial intelligence expert wins national achievement


Professor Liu Jiming receives national recognition for his achievement in artificial intelligence

HKBU Associate Vice-President (Research) and Chair Professor in Computer Science Professor Liu Jiming won the 7th Wu Wen Jun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award (Natural Science category, Second-Class) presented by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI). 

He won the award for the research work relating to large-scale network learning and data mining methods conducted by his team of the HKBU Department of Computer Science together with the team of Jilin University, Mainland China. Professor Liu’s project was selected by professional judges as one of the 12 awarded projects in the category of Natural Science.

Over the years, Professor Liu’s team has systematically developed computational methods for social media community identification, social collaborative filtering, and information or disease diffusion network inference, with wide applications such as disease surveillance and control. 

Wu Wen Jun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award, named after the renowned Chinese distinguished mathematician and AI pioneer, is presented by the CAAI to recognise scholars with prominent scientific or technological contributions to areas including Science, Mathematics, and Artificial Intelligence.