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Research Postgraduate Sharing Talk by Awardee of Hong Kong Young Scientist Awards


Mr Daniel Ebler, the awardee of Hong Kong Young Scientist Awards in 2017, shared research and study experiences with students and staff members from the Faculty of Science

On 15 December 2017, a research postgraduate sharing talk was successfully held at campus.The guest of honour, Mr Daniel Ebler, is the awardee of Hong Kong Young Scientist Awards in 2017.Obtained his Undergraduate and Master degree with distinction in Physics at ETH Zurich, Mr Ebler is currently a PhD student at The University of Hong Kong continuing his research on general quantum networks and quantum causality. Around forty RPg students and staff members participated in the talk.

During the speech, Mr Ebler shared his research and study experience as a Science postgraduate. After the completion of his undergraduate and master degrees in Physics at ETH Zurich, Mr Ebler faced several important life decisions, including whether to further his study, which university to choose, and how to pick a research topic. Decided to continue his study, he started his doctoral research in Tsinghua University as his PhD supervisor moved to China. Following his supervisor’s relocation to Hong Kong, he continued his research in The University of Hong Kong until now. Having extensive overseas studying experience, he shared his observations over the differences among the universities, as well as the challenges he encountered in these universities. Apart from his overseas studying, he also provided precious advises on conducting postgraduate research. Some highlights include being prepared to take part in field work instead of mere literature reading, and actively engage in conferences and research collaborations.

At the end of the sharing, RPg representative and host of the event, Miss Dong Zhenzhen, Jenny (Chemistry, PhD, Year 1), thanked Mr Ebler for his impressive sharing and proceeded to present souvenir session. The event ended with group photo shooting and refreshment.

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