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Research Postgraduate Sharing Talk on Overseas Attachment and Career Planning


On 21 April 2017, the research postgraduate (RPg) student representatives successfully organized a sharing talk on overseas attachment and career planning. The speakers included students and alumni from Departments of Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. They are:

  • Dr Zhao Kaiyong (COMP Alumnus)
  • Ms Zhong Huan (BIOL PhD student)
  • Dr Liu Kai (COMP Alumnus)
  • Mr Yiu Sze Chun (CHEM PhD student)

Dr Zhao Kaiyong received his PhD degree in Computer Science in 2016. He is currently a Software department manager in DJI Innovation Corporation in China. Druing the talk, Dr Zhao shared some interesting projects during his PhD life and current work. Ms Zhong Huan, a PhD student from Department of Biology, shared her overseas attachment experience in University of Alabama at Birmingham, US. Dr Liu Kai also received his PhD degree in Computer Science in 2014. After graduation, he worked as a Senior Engineer in Tencent in China. Now he is beginning his own career of medical AI and becomes a co-founder of Yiyuan AI in Shenzhen. In his presentation, he shared some developments of medical AI application and gave out his insight on this area. Last but not least, Mr Yiu Sze Chun, a PhD student from Department of Chemistry, shared his overseas research experience in University of Bristol, UK.

RPg representative Mr Wang Qiang (Computer Science, PhD, Year 2) was the person-in-charge of the activity. Near thirty RPg students and staff members participated in the talk. Students and staff members took the precious opportunities to ask their questions in the Q&A sessions. Students knew more about not only how to start an overseas attachment application, but also some valuable experience of career planning from the alumni.

During the event, the RPg student representatives, as follows, were bestowed the certificates of appreciation and awards in recognition of their contribution in various activities organized for Science RPg students across the Faculty in 2016/17 academic year.

  • Mr Wang Zhi, Albert (Biology) *
  • Ms Wang Yi, Ellen (Chemistry)
  • Mr Wang Qiang, Jack (Computer Science)
  • Ms Luo Dehui, April (Mathematics) *
  • Ms Liang Yuqi, Kiki (Physics)

*As Wang Zhi Albert and Luo Dehui April could not attend the event, their representatives Ms Xu Ting (BIOL, PhD, Year 4) and Mr Liu Ye (MATH, PhD, Year 1) received the awards on behalf of them, respectively.

You may click here for more photos about this activity.

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Around thirty Science students and staff members participated in the RPg Overseas Attachments and Alumni Sharing Talk