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Enactus student delegation wins championship in entrepreneurship competition


The HKBU Enactus delegation claims the champion title for two straight years at the Enactus China Regional Competition (Hong Kong region)

The student interest club Enactus sent a team of 20 student delegates to take part in the recent Enactus China Regional Competition. The HKBU Enactus delegation was crowned the top team in the Hong Kong Region for the second consecutive year. The team successfully won this year’s title with two creative business plans.

In the competition, the HKBU team effectively used entrepreneurial activity to empower people to improve their livelihood in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way. The winning team comprised So Kin-fung (Information Systems and e-Business Management, Year 3), Lai Wing-yan and Liu Mei-tong (Human Resources Management, Year 3), Fung Sum-yi, Ng Yi-lam, Wong Kwok-kin and Ng Yan-lam (Marketing, Year 2), Lee Hoi-wah (Marketing, Year 3), Yu Yue, Pan Li-ju and Deng Yuli (Faculty of Science, Year 1), Wang Shihao and Lyu Jiayou (Computer Science, Year 2), Lee Chi-choi (Information Systems and e-Business System, Year 2), Wang Yutong (School of Communication, Year 1), Ngan Chun-lok (School of Business, Year 1), Chan Sin-ying and Chan Ka-ian (Accounting, Year 1), Ng Nga-wing (Accounting, Year 2), and Deng Hanyu (Computing and Information Systems, Year 2).

The two award-winning projects are “Language Buddies” and “Community X”. “Language Buddies” is a platform which aims to connect people with different cultural backgrounds through language learning and cultural exchange activities, thereby reducing problems that could arise from cultural stereotypes while also creating more job opportunities. “Community X” enables the elderly and ethnic minorities to act as mentors and links them to students who are interested in learning traditional craftsmanship or minority languages. It aims to enhance public understanding towards ethnic minorities as well as to support the livelihood of older people and pass on their traditional craftsmanship skills.

The Enactus China Regional Competition showcases how students are transforming lives and enabling progress through entrepreneurial activity. This year, the HKBU team will be joining the delegation from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to compete with winners of the five regions of the Chinese mainland at the Enactus China National Competition to be held in late May. The champion of the national competition will then represent China to compete with winning teams across 36 countries at the Enactus World Cup to be held in London in September.