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Research Postgraduate Students One-day Trip


To enhance exchange and reinforce relationship amongst research postgraduate (RPg) students across the Faculty, each year, RPg student representatives, one from each Department, are appointed by the Faculty. They are responsible for organizing a series of indoor and outdoor activities to enhance bonding amongst students.

On 18 March 2017, RPg representatives successfully organized this year’s third outdoor activity, a one-day trip to Hong Kong Global Geopark of China: Kiu Tsui Chau, Yim Tin Tsai Church and Village and Lions Nature Education Centre. Miss Luo Dehui (Mathematics, PhD, Year 3), was the person-in-charge of the activity. Eighty students and staff members participated in the activity. Students not only got the chance to get acquaintance with each other, but also took the chance to visit some rare places in Hong Kong and learned some traditional culture of native Hong Kong residents.

Unlike the past few years, it is the first time to organize a third out-door activity for RPg students and staffs.  Students were excited to participate in the one-day trip. The Kiu Tsui Chau is a beautiful small island near Sai Kung and participants enjoyed the sailing from Sai Kung Pier to the island. In the geopark, participants enjoyed taking a walk along seaside, observing the unique shape of rocks, taking photos and enjoying the charming sea view. After that, all participants had a quick visit to the first Hakka village and church in Hong Kong (Yim Tin Tsai) and enjoyed delicious seafood lunch in a cheerful atmosphere.  In the afternoon, participants took a walk in the Lions Nature Education Centre, an interesting place of creating new type of crops. It is fascinating for the education centre to include gallery of shells, fish, rocks and insects, as well as tones of rare plants inside the park. During the one-day trip, participants had a fabulous time among the natural scenery and mingling with each other.

80 RPg students and staff members enjoying the one-day trip to Hong Kong Geopark organized by RPg student representatives