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Research Postgraduate Students Hiking at Dragon’s Back


To enhance exchange and reinforce relationship amongst research postgraduate (RPg) students across the Faculty, each year, RPg student representatives, one from each Department, are appointed by the Faculty. They are responsible for organizing a series of indoor and outdoor activities to enhance bonding amongst students.

On 14 January 2017, RPg representatives successfully organized this year’s second outdoor activity, a hiking gathering, at Dragon’s Back, Shek O. Miss Liang Yuqi (Kiki) (Physics, PhD, Year 2), was the person-in-charge of the activity. More than thirty students and staff members participated in the hiking activity. Students helped each other when climbing mountains and deepened their friendship.

Different from last year, the location was chosen at the Dragon’s Back which lies within the Shek O Country Park. In 2004, the Dragon’s back Trail was selected by TIME Asia as the best urban hiking trail. The weather wasn’t particularly great and it was refreshingly cool along the top of the trail. The fierce wind and the muddy road made the hike a little tough. Albeit covered in mud, everyone enjoyed awesome views throughout the journey. It was a great experience with a sense of achievement.

You may click here for more photos about this activity.

Over thirty RPg students, staff members and visiting scholars had a fabulous time during hiking at dragon’s back