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Research Postgraduate Students Barbeque Gathering


To enhance exchange and reinforce relationship amongst research postgraduate (RPg) students across the Faculty, each year, RPg student representatives, one from each Department, are appointed by the Faculty. They are responsible for organizing a series of indoor and outdoor activities to enhance bonding amongst students.

On 29 October 2016, RPg representatives successfully organized this year’s first outdoor activity, a barbeque gathering, in Ting Kok Bay, Tai Po. Mr Wang Zhi (Biology, PhD, Year 2), was the person-in-charge of the activity. More than seventy students and staff members participated in the gathering. Students got acquaintance with each other and deepened their friendship through sharing their experience on various aspects, such as academic background, research expertise and university life.

Different from last year, the location was chosen at the coast of Tolo Harbour, surrounded by mountains. Participants enjoyed various activities during their free time before the barbeque started, including taking a walk along seaside, observing intertidal creatures, taking photos and enjoying beautiful sea view. After that, all participants joined the barbeque and had a wonderful afternoon with cheerful atmosphere and delicious food.

Over 70 RPg students and staff members had a fabulous time of mingling in the barbeque gathering organized by RPg student representatives