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Research and Life Experience Sharing Talk: “Inside/Outside the Ivory Tower”


To enhance exchange and reinforce relationship amongst research postgraduate (RPg) students across the Faculty, the following students were selected from each of the five Departments as representatives of RPg students. They had organized/would organize a series of indoor and outdoor activities to enhance bonding amongst students.

  • Mr Xie Yang, James (Biology)
  • Mr Ho Po Yu, Blake (Chemistry)
  • Mr Mai Guangcan (Computer Science)
  • Miss Guo Xu, Vicky (Mathematics)
  • Mr Deng Junhong, Philip (Physics)

On 28 Apr 2015, the RPg representatives successfully organized their last activity in this academic year, a research and life experience sharing talk “Inside/Outside the Ivory Tower”, at RRS905 in campus. The guest speakers were two distinguished Physics alumni:

  • Dr Li Guixin, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Physics; and
  • Dr Bruno Cai, Executive Director, ANA Artwork Material Analysis Ltd

Around thirty students and staff members participated in the sharing. During the gathering, Dr. Li delivered an interesting talk about his research achievement on optical hologram, which was recently published on top-tier journal Nature Nanotechnology. Dr. Bruno Cai shared his fruitful journey of backpacking in Southeast Asia, India and Tibet. Students took the precious opportunities to ask the questions in the opening Q&A section. Students and staff members had a fabulous time of mingling after the talk. Through this gathering, students gained a wider exposure on experience inside and outside the ivory tower, and got more familiar with each other and faculty members from different departments across the Faculty.

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