Science Elite Programme Graduation Lunch 2018


Hosted by the Faculty of Science, nearly 20 guests, faculty members, graduates and students attended the Science Elite Programme (SEP) Graduation Lunch in celebration of the 2015-16 cohort’s graduation on 23 May 2018 at HKBU.

This year is the ninth year of the Programme. The Programme provides students with enrichments in both academic and personal aspects. The objectives include: to provide students with intellectual challenges beyond the boundaries of their academic majors; to provide valuable opportunities to enrich personal growth and whole-person development, as well as learning to be a responsible citizen.

We were honoured with the presence of Professor Jane Lai, Emeritus Professor in Translation and Professor Rick Wong, Vice-President (Research and Development) of HKBU. Professor Rick Wong welcomed students and colleagues, highlighted some of the SEP activities and shared the history of the Programme.

The 5 graduates shared their memorable experiences of the Programme, including their valuable insights and future plans. Professor Zhang Jianhua, Dean of Science, presented certificates and souvenirs to the graduates after the sharing session.

The graduates of this year included: Miss Cathy Chen Siyu, Miss Phoebe Li Wai Sum from Department of Chemistry; Miss Gillian Zhu Yumeng, Miss Jenny Lim Yen Ni, Miss Sophia Liu Weitingting, Miss Jessica Huang Jingyan from Department of Mathematics and Mr Jayden Li Zeqian from Department of Physics.