HKBU President’s Award for Outstanding Performance
The University has established the President's Award for Outstanding Performance scheme for Academic/Teaching Staff since 2000 / 01 for the purpose of recognizing outstanding performance, promoting excellence in performance standards and encouraging colleagues to press on for greater achievements.

Over the years, colleagues from our Faculty have been recommended by the University's Selection Committee to receive the President's Award regarding their well-demonstrated outstanding performance in various aspects.

Outstanding Performance in Scholarly Work 

Year of Award Recipient Department
2019 Professor Wong Ka Leung Gary Chemistry
2017 Professor Xu Jianliang Computer Science
2016 Professor Cheah Kok Wai
2015 Professor Xia Yiji Biology
2014 Professor Michael Ng   Mathematics
2013 Professor Cai Zongwei  Chemistry
2012 Professor Zhu Lixing Mathematics
2011 Professor Raymond Wong  Chemistry
2009 Professor Zhang Jianhua Biology
2007 Professor Jiming Liu Computer Science
2006 Professor Zhu Shi Yao Physics
2003 Professor Tang Leihan
Professor Tang Yuan Yan
Computer Science
2002 Professor Hu Bambi
Professor Wong Ming Hung
2001 Professor Fang Kai Tai Mathematics

Outstanding Performance in Service

Year of Award Recipient Department
2016 Professor Albert Lee Chemistry
2014 Professor Jonathan Wong Biology
2012 Professor Chan Wing Hong Chemistry
2006 Dr Tong Chong Sze Mathematics
2003 Professor Wong Ming Hung
Dr Mildred Yang
2002 Professor Joseph Ng
Dr Shiu Kwok Keung
Computer Science
2001 Dr Ernest Lam Computer Science

Outstanding Performance in Teaching

Year of Award Recipient Department
2018 [Individual] Professor Xu Jianliang Computer Science
2018 [Early Career] Dr Ho Koon Sing, Gray Chemistry
2018 [Team] Dr Shiu Kwok Keung
Dr Li Hung Wing
Dr Ho Koon Sing, Gray
2015 Professor Chiu Sung Nok Mathematics
2012 Professor Chris Wong Biology
2011 Professor Leung Yiu Wing Computer Science
2007 Professor Raymond Wong Chemistry
2006 Professor Chan Wing Hong  Chemistry
2003 Professor Liao Lizhi Mathematics
2002 Professor Cheung Nai Ho
Professor Mak Nai Ki
2001 Professor Albert Lee
Dr Tong Chong Sze

Outstanding Young Researcher

Year of Award Recipient Department
2018 Dr Kwok Wing Hong, Felix Mathematics
2017 Dr Wong Ka Leung Chemistry
2016 Dr Choi Koou Kau Computer Science
2014 Dr Edmond Ma Chemistry
2013 Dr Yuan Xiaoming Mathematics
2011 Dr Zhou Changsong Physics

Researcher Supervision

Year of Award Recipient Department
2018 Dr Leung Cham Fai, Ken Chemistry